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The Qi House is designed as a space for healing.    Our primary goal is to provide the relief of mental, physical, and emotional pain without the use of medical drugs.

We practice classical acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  This holistic approach is centered around the Qi, the life energy of living beings, the flow of which is necessary for maintaining proper health.  The Qi animates the body internally.  When it is cultivated and balanced, a natural, self-healing can occur.

Our Services

At The Qi House,  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other therapies, including  Massage, Injection Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Dietary and Nutritional Counseling, Cupping, and Gua Sha, are used to safely and naturally help reduce suffering and improve the quality of life of our patients.

Our Products

The Qi House is a certified CBD distributor.  Visit our office to purchase your favorite CBD product from an assortment of popular and trusted brands. 

  • Capsules 

  • Edibles

  • Oil

  • Skin Products

  • Hair Products

  • Pet Products


Our Reviews

Michelle H. on January 15, 2019

Get healed

"Dr. Freddy is ON POINT! You not only get healed, but you get an education on how to stay healthy!"

Juan G. on July 22, 2019

He is the real deal

"Dr. Freddy is a true healer. He assesses all aspects of life (physical, spiritual, dietary, mental) as he builds a personalized therapy road map for you. I am proud to call him my doctor, and fortunate to have him as a friend. I recommend him to anyone dealing with health, mental, or any other debilitating conditions....he is the real deal!"

Orisheju U. on January 3, 2019

"The Doctor is great, very knowledgeable guy"

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